Toamy Hills is very good school; i feel it’s the best pupil can love to pass through. The environment it very lovely and colorful such that is comfortable for learning, the staff of Toamy Hills School are friendly.
 Mr. & Mrs. Muofunanya

Beautiful , child friendly and warm envernronment Great School Great Teacher, Great pupils.
Mr. & Mrs. Ogundele

The class rooms are very educative and interactive, the educators carry us along in the development of the children, there is great improvement especially the introduction of the Accolades Award. It has really encouraged the kids to do more.
 Mr. & Mrs. Adeolu Ibiyemi

It is a School I personally admire, the educators are always pleasant and listen to the need of the parent, we keep learning and we keep getting better.
Mrs. Juliet Martin- Abazie

Toamy Hills School is a great school in terms of bringing new innovative to help academic work and social well being. keep up the good work.
Mrs. Ugwoke N.C

The educators are professionals, warm and they have great influence on the kids, the pupils conduct are commendable. The school is in a serene environment ideal for learning.
Mr. & Mrs. Bola Olorunaiye

Toamy Hills School is the best school i have ever seen, the way the educators take care of children is second to none. I am impressed.
Mr & Mrs. Frank Atavu

Toamy Hills School is a great school, well coordinated and impact’s immensely on my child. The educators are very accommodating and easy to relate with.
Mr. & Mrs Salau

Toamy Hills School has a wonderful learning environment with great standard. keep up the excellent work
Mr. & Mrs. Apoeso

Toamy Hills School has a very beautiful environment. In fact everything about Toamy Hill School is Waoh !!!!!!!!!!! keep it up.
Mr. & Mrs. Banji Kayode

The educators are friendly and attentive I am truly and sincerely impressed.
Mrs. C.I Olugbade