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Who We Are About Toamy Private College


Toamy Private College is a vibrant school which was established in 1997 (23 years ago) in Ikotun Egbe and was approved by the Ministry of Education in the year 2005.

The school which had always soared high offers great opportunities for young people to grow, and has over the years produced several successful individuals who are excelling tremendously in their various professions.

The Gowon Estate Branch was established in 2019 to meet the yearnings of those who have been requesting for same in this vicinity. Toamy Private College is affiliated with various international educational bodies one of which is (APEN) Association of private educators in Nigeria.

SINCE Inception, Toamy Private College has instituted herself as one of the foremost institutions of learning that is set to offer her students the best opportunities to become confident and thoughtful individuals who are prepared for future challenges in an exciting and increasingly changing world.

As an educational institution, we are aware that in educating the youth of today, we must equip them with skills to grapple with the hurdles of their generation, their society and their constantly evolving world suffice to these; our rich curriculum has been carefully designed to be both accessible and challenging for all students irrespective of their abilities.

Our world class facilities and tenacious staff will enable us to deliver our programmes in an environment that is comfortable, serene and attuned to every specific educational need.

We intend to keep our classrooms in manageable clusters so as to create an atmosphere where each student can feel amply eathful as this gives room for students to really exhibit their potentials.

At Toamy Private College we are proud of our conducive, interactive and inclusive ethos which has helped us to set high benchmarks and expectations for our students to achieve A’s in their academics and also participate in all school activities with enthusiasm.

As a prestigious citadel of learning we aim for all students to be happy, challenged in a supportive and safe environment, transformed into strategic thinkers, articulate inquirers and confident people.

Our vision to groom well rounded internationally minded individuals that will demonstrate resilience and determination to succeed is undaunted.

I say unequivocally that learning at Toamy Private College is a TOTAL EXPERIENCE; because we possess a great and vision driven leadership team which thrives on professionalism, world best practice, dynamism and developing a healthy school community that engages with all parents and relevant stakeholders.

We are resolute to convert our dreams, ambitions and aspirations into tangible realities of our goals.



Toamy Private College
Our Dear Great School.

Source of Hope and Confidence for Future Stars

Just Like the Precious Diamond;

You have a Heritage of Excellence

May God of Light Endow you
With Wisdom and Power that will Make You Great

With an Outstretched arm
We say God Bless TPC

Find the right learning path for your Child

We are committed to Total Quality Education and a culture of continuous self improvement